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    I've been around Shapeways for a few weeks, but wanted to experiment and get a few things in my shop before posting so there would be something to see. My background has been in illustration for around 30 years, and I wanted to try my hand at bringing some of the character illustrations I've done for greeting cards (Leanin' Tree) to life in a 3D format... Anyhow, I'm having fun and plan to order stuff to see how the real thing looks.

    "A Young Gun" (at bottom) is one I just posted in my shop - there are others with a more humorous approach - drop by and take a look. Also visit my websites
    http://www.nateowens.com and http://www.artpixelstudios.com

    This is my Boogie-Woogie Piano Man caricature for the jazz fans


    ... and a dog caricature I did a few years back before hearing about Shapeways


    "A Young Gun: Notorious Gunslinger"

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