Weekend Contest #8: Product Photography

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    (Image: '30 pencil icosahedron' by Michiel Cornelissen)

    This weekend's contest is slightly different: we're not going to design anything. Instead, I'll assume that you already have an amazing collection of Shapeways prints at your place. The challenge then is to make the best product photograph you can! Here are some great pointers to get you started. Experiment with lighting, setting, composition, and make the best entry.

    You have until Monday evening 18:00, GMT+1 to come up with your ideas!

    How to enter

    To enter this contest, just place the photograph in a reply (upload the image, and click 'Insert image into message body' to embed it in your forum message). Feel free to add a link to your product, of course.

    Who wins?

    You decide! Visit the model that you like most, and add it to your favorites. The model with the most votes wins.

    What's the prize?

    Eternal fame! Kudos from the Shapeways team! Riches! Okay, well, the winner will get a $25 gift certificate.

    That's all?

    Yep, just grab your camera, rearrange the room and shoot those pictures!

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    Throwing my hat...er...horn into the ring. Shot this while prepping my cosplay photoshoot this evening.


    <a href="http://www.shapeways.com/model/767868/unicorn-horn.html" target="_blank"></a>
  5. fdecomite
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    here is my contribution for this weekend contest
    Availabla at my shop : http://shpws.me/llZq


  6. trishycakes
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  7. Gromfrog
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    I finally had some time to enter this week, so i thought that i should get a better picture for my Espresso Machine Model as the current ones aren't great.


    <a href="http://www.shapeways.com/model/784738/espresso-machine-with-24-cups.html" target="_blank"></a>
  8. Gromfrog
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  9. lensman
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    Nice pic, gevil, but doesn't that holder then let the soap drip all over the counter-top?

  10. trishycakes
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    @Gromfrong The espresso/cafe is adorable!
    @Francesco The shadows are killer in this photo!
  11. bartv
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    Hey all,

    Good heavens! Look at all those gorgeous photos! To be honest, I think everyone should be a winner this week - but I only have one gift coupon to give away :(

    Instead, let me write down what I liked about each photo:

    @davidnichols - we know how HARD it is to photograph products in White Strong & Flexible well, but your image is stunning. Do you care to tell us a bit more about how you achieved it?

    @gevil - beautiful warm atmosphere and great use of depth of field. This one looks like it comes straight from a home deco catalog.

    @trishycakes - I love the humor in your pic :)

    @fdecomite - Oh wow, the colors and shadow work together amazingly well!

    @Gromfrog - Awesome photography, and you can really tell that you put a lot of work into putting this composition together.

    After a lot of thought, I've chosen to proclam Gromfrog the winner of this weekend's contest - the entire composition has been created especially for this one product and it really shows off its qualities.

    Congratulations Gromfrog!

    Keep those great pics coming everyone! Shops that look better sell better as well :)

    Until next weekend!