Weekend Contest #5: 3D Scan to 3D Print with 123D Catch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bartv, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. bartv
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  2. stonysmith
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    One question.. is anyone else getting messages from the webapp such as this?
    There were 16 images in the set, and it's been 12+ hours since I uploaded them.

    And, when I try to use the desktop version of the application, I keep getting this:
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  3. Wahtah
    Wahtah Well-Known Member
    I really like the idea of these short contests, but here's a few buts for you :)

    - I think they are a little too short, maybe announce them friday morning, deadline monday night? or saturday to friday? (on this one I can't even find the deadline)

    - They are hard to follow either as a competitor or as a spectator. You could make it compulsory to reply to the forum post to enter (and make sure you have a link in the blog to the forum post).

    - A related point, also for shapeways contests in general: make the tag you have to add one word and definitely unique, like "WeekendContest5" so you can use search and find the actual entries, not just a list of models that may have been tagged with "123d catch" or "wedding" months/years ago. You could then also show a link like http://www.shapeways.com/search/tag?tag=WeekendContest5 to make it even easier to follow.

    that's it :cool: thanks for the inspiring contests,

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  4. bartv
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    @stonysmith: argh! Sorry to hear that! I guess it's a tricky thing to set up a contest that relies on a service that's not under our control..


    sure, I'd be happy to extend the time a bit. Do you think people will actually be able to work on a contest on Friday and Monday though?

    Yes. We did that for our previous rounds (which worked much better), but kind of forgot to include this info this time. Thanks for reminding us :)

    Roger that!

    Awesome feedback, thanks for taking the time to leave it here!

  5. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    @bartv: No worries. I really want to succeed with scanning from photos. It just hasn't yet worked for me in a method that is repeatable.
    Here is an old scan that I did over a year ago:

    As you can see, it requires a LOT of cleanup work yet.

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  6. Innovo
    Innovo New Member

    Well this is my entry. 123D Catch has a learning curve but I am overall satisfied with the technology.


  7. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hmmmmm, ugly truck vs cute baby.... ;)

    Congrats Innovo! I'll send you your $25 code right away. And please do share a picture of the printed version when you get it!

    I'll announce the next weekend contest a little earlier.


  8. Innovo
    Innovo New Member
    Hey Bart, thanks a lot! My daughter will be pleased with her victory :)
    I actually had the model printed already, so I can upload a few pics.
    The first print was kind of ''bad'' so the nice people at Shapeways service had it reprinted (thanks guys you are awesome!).
    Unfortunately, even though the reprint was an improvement, I remain underwhelmed by the result, especially color dispersion and resolution - plus the well-known ''icing'' effect of FCS. Maybe it's because of the small size of the print. I will be pursuing this further.
    See what I mean:


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  9. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hmmm, when did you have this model printed? Our colors tend to be a lot more vibrant these days..

  10. Innovo
    Innovo New Member
  11. Innovo
    Innovo New Member

    It arrived the 16th of February.


  12. Innovo
    Innovo New Member

    And a final one.


    I still believe that photo into 3d mesh technology, will be huge in the future.

  13. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Ugly? I would have picked the baby also .... <GRIN>
  14. dragonsdesire
    dragonsdesire New Member
    That's a very cute baby item! :)
  15. GADesign
    GADesign New Member
    So you can enter the contest with already existing models if they fit into the contest discription ?

    Cool baby scan btw, quality is amazing !
  16. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Ideally, no. We will just come up with something a little more specific next time to prevent that ;)

  17. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    I had no real intention of "entering" with my model.. I was just showing the (single) result that I have been successful with 123dCatch

    So.. a single entry isn't much of a contest. <grin> Cute Baby will always win.
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  18. GADesign
    GADesign New Member
    @stonysmith you've mentioned that it was an old model and that it didn't work for you so it was clear you wanted to show your experience with 123Catch.

    I was just wondering since it wasn't stated in the contest discription.

    I had no time to enter this contest downloaded the program but the process took too long, they should make a android 123Catch app and make it less time consuming.

    I wonder how much work went into making the baby model 3D printable ? @innovo you should make a new one every year !
  19. Innovo
    Innovo New Member
    It didn't take much. All it takes is to understand the way 123D Catch works (the ''learning curve'' I mentioned) and then you can get almost flawless results with minimum effort.
    For example 123D Catch philosophy is to take as many pictures as possible (30-40 +) to achieve optimum results. For the baby model I took less than 8 photos and I practically had no artifacts to repair. All it took was to cut the model out and give some volume for printability. By the time I got to my 4th experimental model (that's the baby - the first and second tests were total failures) I would only spent a total of 30-60 minutes for the complete process.
    I would make a tutorial if I had some time to spare. Unfortunately I don't.