Weekend Contest #4: Lampshade

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bartv, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. bartv
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    Pollen Lamp.jpg

    Picture: Pollen Lamp by nervoussystem

    I have a beautiful mediterranea lamp by cunicode on my desk and we have numerous other wonderful models in our gallery. This weekend I'd like to see how far your creativity can go, so I challenge you to design a lampshade with a surprise. Maybe it's something in the light pattern on the wall, maybe it contains a moving part powered by the heat of the lamp.. Surprise us and win a $25 voucher!

    You have until Monday morning 10:00, GMT+1 to come up with your ideas!

    How to enter

    Model your lampshade, upload it to your gallery, tag it with 'Weekend Contest: Lampshade' and post the link and picture here (upload the image, and click 'Insert image into message body' to embed it in your forum message).

    Who wins?

    You decide! Visit the model that you like most, and add it to your favorites. The model with the most votes wins.

    What's the prize?

    Eternal fame! Kudos from the Shapeways team! Riches! Okay, well, the winner will get a $25 gift certificate.

    That's all?

    Yep, grab a drink, goof around in your favorite modeling app this weekend and have fun!

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  2. AmLachDesigns
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    Are you sure this is what you meant?

  3. bartv
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    Good catch, thanks!

  4. HenryAlfredo
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  5. stop4stuff
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    Balloon LED candle lampshade


    Inspired by the murals I painted 18 years ago on the walls of my children;s nursey.

    The lampshade is in the shape of a hot air balloon. and has a simple pattern of clouds, trees and fields within that alter the thickness of the balloon.

    The idea is that a LED tea light candle will sit in a cup that the balloon shell sits on and lhe light is cast from the candle as the pattern within the balloon.

  6. GADesign
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    Maybe too late and not what you would call a lamp shade ?

    But hey, i'm being sick @home so why not design something :)

    I present to you the Led Tube Cube.

    This model is insipred by the Dutch artist : Escher
    It's a squared shaped tube and the path of the tube stays within the geometric lines of a cube resulting in a lamp with many cool angles, you can insert a led strip and light up any place you like !

    3D Render : Led Tube Cube 3.jpg

    Hope You'll like it :cool:
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  7. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Ok, the first surprise for this lamp is that the three panels look like ordinary ribbed panels complementing the cylinder motif design, however, when the light is turned on a lithophane is revealed. The second surprise is when the viewer walks around the lamp the lithophane image in view changes state from happy to sad and vice versa. This switching image is a result of the frosted ultra detail or Transparent Detail lenticular lenses on the outer panels.




    With a panel removed reviling the back of one of the panels. In this image you see the combination of both the happy mask and the sad mask, yet when looking through the front lenticular lens only one image at a time is seen.
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  8. MrNibbles
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  9. fx2
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  10. UniverseBecoming
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    Oh, and if anyone is having trouble deciphering the two images blended together, here are the two models I made to make the bas relief lithophanes.


    I originally wanted to make a rattlesnake coiled and striking as the two images, but after spending a day and a half on sculpting the snake I had to drop it and go with making the simple happy and sad masks cuz it was taking way too long! :D

    I love everyone's entered creations! Great work! :)
  11. GADesign
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    Hey @Universebecoming

    It seems that your model is not set public, i also can't see any of your pictures.. (You have no permission to perform this action, this model is no longer publicly available)

    Love to see what you've designed

    Kind Regards,
    Wesley Günter
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  12. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    All good stuff :eek:

    Another image for my entry,


    I was trying to get the shadows that would be cast, but the design can be seen :)


    edit: I inverted the render image - the design is more visable now.
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  13. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Thanks Wesley!

    I forgot to set the category so it didn't go to public. :D

    Yours would look wonderful sitting on a desk and lit up! Love it!
  14. Tahereh
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    BTW Qafas or "قفس" = Cage :)

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  15. JACANT
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    Some clever designs here.
    My 'Add To Favorites' button does not work
  16. bartv
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    Nice work all! I'm starting to enjoy these weekend contests more and more :)

    Again, you guys made it hard to choose, but I think fx2's 'Lampshade' is the one that most triggered my interest - I'm REALLY curious to see if that's actually going to work! Congrats and enjoy the $25 voucher!

    Any suggestions for next week's contest? (Or maybe I should wait and ask that tomorrow.... <evil grin>).

  17. JACANT
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Congrats fx2.
    Nice idea, like a mechanical dimmer
  18. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Props Fx2! :D
  19. fx2
    fx2 New Member

    Thank you for the prize. :) I'm curious to know if that works, too ! I will create a reduced size test model and order it. I think the tricky thing is to get all the unsintered powder out of the mechanism.
  20. HenryAlfredo
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    Congrats fx2 :)