Weekend Contest #13: Connect It!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bartv, May 24, 2013.

  1. bartv
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    (Image: MagSafe Adapter Key Ring by jbobrow)

    Have you seen the The Free Universal Construction Kit? It's a super-clever set of connectors that allow you to combine different types of toys. Like hook up your Lego to Fischertechnik. Needless to say, kids love it!

    http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/1267-the-free-univers al-construction-kit-3d-printing-interoperability-between-chi ldren.html

    What's interesting to me is that the individual manufacturers would never create these connectors. But as soon as you have access to a 3D printer, it's easy to make it yourself!

    Taking this one step further, I'm curious what other kinds of objects you would like to connect? The Magsafe Adapter Key Ring is one of my favorites (and its creator Jonathan Bobrow just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign with it, congrats!). Let's see what you guys can come up with during the weekend :)


    How to Enter

    Design something that connects two important things in your life. Post your work here on the forum, and add a picture! Deadline is Monday evening, midnight.

    What's the prize?

    $25 to use towards your creation, or any other Shapeways purchase.

    That's all?

    Certainly. Have fun!

  2. bartv
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    Well, that contest didn't work so well :) Was it the topic?

    Next weekend, we will have a completely different topic. Wait and see!

  3. leorolph
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    I thought it sounded interesting, and like an bit of fun.
    I think you should re do it this weekend!!.. I would have made something but i didn't see it in time:)
  4. UniverseBecoming
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    All of the weekly contests have been great! :eek: I think it's more of a intensive issue as far as participation goes. :)

    If I were a part of Shapeways' upper management I'd give the community managers an allotment of 10 to 25 thousand dollars per year to offer up as prizes. I'd then have that increase to around 500 thousand in later years. The reason is, in the future, whomever obtains the loyalty of the masses when it comes to the designer types, they will be most successful overall. A company who falls behind in this regard could never compete by hiring designers to generate new designs. They could never compete with crowd sourced designs.

    Currently, the playing field is fairly even in my opinion. Shapeways nor any of the competitors that have sprung up haven't really begun tapping into the multi billion dollar consumer market. Yet, as things continue to progress, I think that more and more it will be of the utmost importance to get the masses of designers on your side.

  5. GADesign
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    Wow i really did'nt see this one passing by, cool contest though :cry:
    Isn't it possible to mail a notification when a new contest opens ?

  6. bartv
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    I'd really prefer not to.. We're announcing a weekend contest (almost ;) every Friday afternoon, so how about you put a reminder on your calendar and check the forum?