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  1. IvanK
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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a nice, personalized gift for my good friend who is getting married real soon. I thought about installing some 3D modeling software and do it myself, but I have no experience. So I stumbled upon this forum and thought why not ask someone who already has experience with it to do it much better and on time...

    Since this is my first time I actually would like something to be built from Shapeways I would really appreciate any advice from anyone.

    This is what I approximately have in mind: A vase/stand/cup of approximate dimensions 11-12 cm height and about 7 cm diameter.
    Something like this:
    It would probably be used either as a candle holder or a pencil stand.

    What I would like to be customized is, that the stand has graphics, or something like figures, on one side and letters like on the 'statement vase' on the other side.

    The graphics would depict a male and female figure, something like this djer110400067/9356043-male-and-female-sign-vector.jpg
    or Symbol-Love-1627555.jpg

    But the male figure in the picture needs to additionally hold a surf board on the other side :) Because my friend is a surfer (windsurfer).
    Lets say it's marginally similar(thematically) to something like this:

    But I don't like that photo :).
    The feel needs to be more warmer and lovingly... Something like this: 08632570/stock-vector-man-with-surfboard-and-woman-108632570 .jpg

    So they together are enjoying what they like to do, he is surfing, she is sunbathing on the beach and watching him :) Who wouldn't want that for their life?! :)

    So I would like something like that on one side, while the other side could be filled with a writing like on the statement vase but with some wacky cool font. It would just be his and her name like "Darlene & Jonah" (These are imaginary names, similar to the real ones. I just want to avoid this post to be found by a google search. I would provide the real names on PM)

    On the base of the vase there could be a writing with a negative emboss(whats the name for that? relief?) effect saying JUST MARRIED, maybe even repeated to go around full circle JUST MARRIED JUST MARRIED ...

    I'm open to all ideas and or modifications. I believe the appropriate material for this would be "Strong & Flexible Plastics", white or royal blue, polished version. But again I'm open to suggestions.

    The main question is: Can it be done all together in time: design, printing and delivery to Croatia in the next 22 days (So that it arrives before wedding) ?
    And, what would be an estimated price for this ?

    Thank you all a lot in advance!!


  2. designanything3d
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    Hi Ivan,

    We could create this for you. We could have your model done by wednesday of next week. I am not sure how long shipping will take from shapeways but im sure if you pose that question to them you could get a quick answer. Please contact us at if you would like a quote and get things rolling.

  3. Ronsaki
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    E pozdrav, napokon da vidim nekog Hrvata ovdje. Radim već dosta vremena na ovoj stranici kao modeler, imam iskustva , medutim pricat cemo
    o detaljima sto se tice modeliranja kasnije ukoliko se odlucis za mene.

    Prvo da ti odgovorim na pitanja.
    Što se tiče cijene samog printanja uzmi u obzir sljedeće:

    cijena materijala - s tim se mozes sam poigrat, malo računat volumene otprilike i vidjet koliko bi to otprilike kostalo.Imaš cijenu materijala po cm^3 Ako bih ti ja modelirao mogao bih ti relativno brzo dati dosta točnu procjenu cijene.

    troskovi dostave od shapewaysa u hrvatsku - oko 14 EURa.. To je ono dosta skupo, tako da imaj na umu.

    Što se tiče cijene mog modeliranja, naplacujem 10$ po satu, recimo 50 kn po satu, buduci da smo hrvati, pa eto malo povoljniji tečaj za tebe:). Tesko mi je sada reci ali mislim da bi cijena modeliranja bila 200-250 kuna.

    Model bih ja mogao imati kroz nekolliko dana, medutim za dostavu shapewaysa, ne znam. Probaj im poslat mail, kolko bi im trebalo za WSP materijal u Hrvatsku.

    Dakle, sve u svemu, model se moze napraviti, dosta točno po tvojim željama, cijena je relativno skupa za hrvatske prilike. Cijene modeliranja su ti tako oko 10$ po satu do 15$, neko radi brze netko sporije.
    Ako ces imat još nekakvih pitanja slobodno pitaj.