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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrysdaleWorks, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. DrysdaleWorks
    DrysdaleWorks Member
    Went to upload a model today only to discover that the site has been re-designed. Why didn't creators receive an email to warn them of the impending changes and explain those changes?

    The upload panel does not display a loading bar or animation to indicate status--there is no information whatsoever to indicate if an upload is proceeding successfully, or lagging/failing in any way.
    The old layout provided at least a modicum of status information in the form of a "percentage uploaded" display, and error messages if the upload failed.
    I currently have a file uploading..I think??? Because it simply says "Please wait while your model is being uploaded". I have been waiting for quite some time. The lack of status information is extremely frustrating. For all I know, I will wait indefinitely.

    Also, I can't easily see any way to upload multiple files at once.

    To add insult to injury, the new bold typeface is cramped and unpleasant to look at.

    This redesign has clearly been executed without creators in mind, and certainly does NOT inspire me to create new content.

    What on earth were you thinking, Shapeways??
  2. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I uploaded a file yesterday. It vanished from the list of models. The only notice I got was the email saying it was ready to order. Then it was there in the list. I, too, appreciated the "percentage uploaded" as sometimes the process hangs.
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  3. Spitfire2865
    Spitfire2865 Member
    They werent thinking. Thats the message that Ive gotten from the recent posts in the forum. Its just damage control for someone MUCH higher up on the chain making changes they didnt understand.
  4. RayP1949
    RayP1949 Member
    I find that I have to refresh the web page to see if it has finished uploading.
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  5. stukamilov
    stukamilov Member
    Someone know where the orders page is? Cause I don't find it and I have many orders shipment to update.
  6. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    In the upper left, there is a box of nine squares. Click on that and a menu opens up. On it is "Orders." That should get you to your orders.
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  7. stukamilov
    stukamilov Member
    Thanks! :)
  8. HOLDEN8702
    HOLDEN8702 Well-Known Member
    Multiple files upload:

    1-Click on upper left side shapeways CEO's brain scheme (red square Rubik cube).

    2-Then click on "3d models" nor in oval upload sign.

    3-Finally click on blue "choose a 3d model" link, and this takes to window where you can select multiple archives, I usually click "control" keycap and select clicking with cursor on them.

    All the oldest actions can be done with the new web, but it's a nonsense to have actions split on two different buttons in opposite sides of screen.

    I also noticed that the warning of incomming message can't be seen unless you have click on the rubik's cube. So many good Customers will never watch my thanks and advices messages or my communication on his commissions were ready, simply cause they never need to hover on this "creator" button.
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  9. barkingdigger
    barkingdigger Well-Known Member
    The "we have a new look" message arrived - three days late! It was in my emails this morning. Somebody at SW needs to be taken out and shot over this whole fiasco. (Sadly it won't be the up-thrusting manager who called for the new disastrous design, nor the senior managers that have no clue how the website works, but instead will be some junior-grade slob who can't escape the excrement hitting the fan...)
  10. DrysdaleWorks
    DrysdaleWorks Member
    Holden--thanks, glad to know the old functionality is still there.

    It just didn't occur to me that given the option, I needed to click on the thing that isn't a button!
  11. Why does the new SHAPEways logo look like a deformed bad print, too funny.
    I liked the blue cool logo, don't like change and why angry red?
    I got the email to tell me about the changes, it seems ok.
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