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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by nathlee, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. nathlee
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    I am searching an alternative to print in wax for casting technique (shapeways stopped it because it's was so fragile)
    A customer service of shapeways told me to try "fine detail plastic-smoothest"

    anyone has already try it? good result?

    thanks in advance
  2. EvieL
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    Hi @nathlee
    If you are using it for casting precious metal directly, fine detail plastic may not be a good option. Burn out is very diff between wax and this plastic. You could do some post processing and have it turn into a mold maybe, then inject wax into the mold and then cast the wax. I have never done it, but I read it on this forum some time ago.

    Fine detail plastic is a good prototype material tho, I offer it to some customers if they want to see something first before putting down money for gold or platinum.

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