Water And Coloured Strong And Flexible Plastic

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Chanchala, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Chanchala
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    Hi Everyone,

    I want to make some rings with the coloured strong and flexible plastic and was wondering how well it keeps with showering etc. The material says it's not watertight but is dishwasher safe. What is your experience if any, or do you know anything about how this material would respond to showering and daily wear? I will test it out myself over time, but wanted to know before I proceed.

    Thank you for any input!
  2. NoahLI
    NoahLI Well-Known Member
    lacquer it and it should be good. without any overcoat it'll probably fade with repeated washing
  3. 8_Perf
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    Cant speak to water specifically, but I have a "minimalist wallet" I designed, and is printed and dyed blue. Almost a year in and out of a pants pocket has caused it to fade and wear on all the high spots.
  4. 104516_deleted
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    Actually a community member from Italy did an ultimate test on this (unfortunately don't have pictures though). At Maker Faire Trieste in 2014 she got a 3D printed tie-wrap like bracelet from us. When we were at Trieste Maker Faire 2015 she was still wearing it and claimed to have it on ever since we gave it.

    It used to be pink but definitely lost a lot of it's color. She never took it off after we gave it so it survived showering, swimming in the sea etc. Material itself still felt good. However, definitely can advise to put some clear coating on your designs if you want to protect it against daily use.
  5. Agreed with NoahLi lacquer it and it would be good
  6. Daphne_Lameris
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    The dye in the surface of the material is not going to bleed in cold water. In hot (boiling) water however, it can lose color. Putting a model for 10 minutes in boiling water already causes visible loss of color.
  7. NobaharDesign
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    I have the same question. I ordered some jewelries in White Strong and Flexible Polished and Black Strong and Flexible, I would like to know how can I clean them (specially white products) when they get dirty, is it possible to wash them directly with water? and to change the black ones smooth and shiny like the white polished ones, what kind of clear coating or lacquer I can use.

    Thank you
  8. NoahLI
    NoahLI Well-Known Member
    Lacquer them before wearing. at least 4 coats. Spray lacquer from home improvement store works well. After the lacquer cures you can wash with water.
  9. NobaharDesign
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    Thank you very much for your reply.