Watch 3D movies without the glasses on?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Stevemartin, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Stevemartin
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    Hello everyone,

    We all know that, to watch 3D movies you need the glasses on. But i want to know whether is there a program that can use as 3d glasses. So i can watch movie on computer without the glasses.

    Any help would be appreciated here.

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    Steve Martin
  2. dizingof
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    Toshiba will release in November a 50" glasses-free 3D TV

    You can save up till then :D

  3. mctrivia
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    though the glasses free effect unfortunately only works directly in front of the tv. So if you have a bunch of friends over it better be stadium seating with everyone sitting single file backwards. I only see this technology becoming big in small displays like on the back of a 3d camera or laptop screens.
  4. Brian123
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    Actually, are not glassless 3D TVs designed with several viewpoints in mind? Not just one dead center? A Samsung 55-inch prototype has 9 viewpoints for example. Depending on your home's layout, finding a seat for everyone at the proper minimum distance and within each viewpoint could be a challenge.

    I'd also have to guess you'd lose half the resolution for each eye, since it has to display both images at the same time. Currently, most 3D displays alternate full images to each eye with the powered shutter glasses, but then that technology sometimes has ghosting.

    I've read the Toshiba glassless prototype runs at 4k res when doing 3D, so I would think that means you get full 1080p to each eye.
  5. aeron203
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    The 3D screens with the pre-set views (lenticular displays) divide the horizontal resolution by the number of view slices, so if I have 4k pixels and 9 views, that leaves around 450 vertical lines (rows) and 1080 horizontal (columns). If they actually meant there were 9 "sweet spots" then there are eleven "views" and only about 360 pixels horizontal.

    The glasses are annoying, but I have to admit it works pretty well.

  6. salsag8r
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    In response to the OP, I don't believe there is any such program available for your computer.

    Your monitor would have to be made with this feature in mind, I doubt there is a way to convert it to glasses-free. Like everyone else has said, save up your money for when the glasses-free monitors hit the market.

    I however, will never own anything 3D. I simply do not like any of it.
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