Warlock Armageddon Runestone

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  1. Jahotur
    Jahotur New Member
    Hello. I am wondering if someone can help me model this stone as seen in Warlock 2. I would then like to have it made in a clear form so I can tint the plastic and such. If anyone thinks they have an idea how to help it is much appreciated.

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  2. KSND
    KSND New Member
    PM sent
  3. CADNinja
    CADNinja Well-Known Member
    PM sent
  4. Felixstec
    Felixstec New Member
    I can do this for you and could probably turn it around in 2 days. The way I charge is for every model I build for you, you cover the cost to print one of my own models. You will also get the option to print one of my designs for your self. Everything I'm working on is sensitive information and will require the signing of an NDA, as well you will need to agree to be an official beta tester for my projects and keep the prints for your own use.

    If you are interested send me an email.


  5. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    This is in the process of being completed!
  6. Jahotur
    Jahotur New Member
    hello this is my first order. So you are informing me that my 2 pieces are being made? Thank you. Sorry once again I am a bit new and still getting settled in. I was curious as to if the pieces would definitely fit together it is a top piece and the bottom stone part. I was told that you do not check but if I had a problem it could be corrected. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing my first piece.