Wargaming Miniatures (or anything interesting)

Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by KSND, Oct 26, 2010.

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  3. KSND
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    I have put together a small website to help answer questions about process and costs. Updated first post.
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  4. KSND
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    For those interested in such things, I was just mentioned in Dream Pod 9's Aurora Magazine Issue 6.2 on my Gear Krieg work. The article is available here:

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  5. tanqueskalinka
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    I'm searching for a 3D modeller to do military figures and tanks (but mostly figures) at a reasonable price for sending them later the shapeways to print. Just drop me a line with an answer if you're interested or not. cheers!
  6. ZoeBrain
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    I have an AEG G.IV and G.IVk from this shop.

    Truly excellent models. Very highly recommended as a designer.
  7. amobrk
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    Hi there
    I am after a 1/300th scale model of a "Morane Saulnier N"
    for shapeways to do but don't have the skill myself to do it.

    All the best Amos