want to print in glass but can't!

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  1. artaic
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    Hello all,
    I am trying to print this file in glass, but that material does not show up in the dropdown list. I checked the material requirements and everything *seems* to be in order. Any ideas for how to troubleshoot this?

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  2. Kasss_Gnarl
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    I opened your file in netfabb and it is telling me that it is less then the minimun 3mm thickness for printing in glass? I don't use Netfabb all that often (normally sketchup) so I am unsure if I have it set up correctly, but it was the only program that I could open your .stl in. Might be worth checking at your end to see if you need to thicken it up a bit.

    Hope this helps.
  3. stop4stuff
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    Some of the materials have a minimum bounding box dimension of 2.5mm... glass is one of them. As long as the smallest dimension is 2.51mm or greater you should get glass as one of the materials, however when it comes to ordering your model might be rejected due to the minmum 3mm wall thickness rule for glass.

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  4. GlenG
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    I don't mean to advertise this but since I'm the person that post processes all of the glass prints I can tell you that the 3mm wall rule is violated routinely. Many parts go out of here with sectional thickness less that 1mm! I don't recommend this. Many models we print in glass have an icebergs chance in hell of surviving real world usage. A finger ring with a 1mm thick shank is unlikely to survive getting it on your finger let alone a slight bump. HEY! IT'S GLASS!

  5. artaic
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    Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I have definitely uploaded models in the past with dimensions smaller than 3mm, and had glass come up as an option.

    The current model has some thin grooves, but they are so shallow that the ridges between can scarcely be called "walls," and I am not worried about them snapping off under the intended usage (glued to a wall, looking pretty, in between a bunch of other glass tiles).

    I want to throw down my vote that the web tools ought to tell you the *REASON* why certain materials are not available for selection. It can be very frustrating when one model works and another very similar one doesn't.

  6. stop4stuff
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    Maybe this is the reason?

    Your model has 2.03mm in one dimension.


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