Want to pay for a modeler to help us make parts for dental equipment

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    Hello, I have reached an agreement with a modeler. Thanks for all of the replies!

    ---------------------CLOSED--------------------------------- -----------------

    This is a specialty plastic fitting that we would like to make. I realize that we could machine this part, but I want to run a couple of trials in 3D printing for my business to see if this is cost effective in the long run. My first step is to get a model made.

    Is any experienced 3D modeler interested in making this format that Shapeways can print out for me?

    Please see the attached pictures for the concept. I can ship the part to you once we reach an agreement.

    Thanks much!

    Mason Fuller, CEO
    Atlas Resell Management



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  2. SpikmanDesign
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    Still need help? You can contact me if you need it to be modeled.

  3. sjoerdhuurdeman
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    Do you have a drawing with the specifications. I can creatie à model for you of jou offer me the rigth specifications


    Sjoerd huurdeman
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    Hi Sjoerd,

    I have already sent my model out for design. I reached an agreement this morning and have not yet closed the topic on the forum. Thanks for responding. I will keep your comment on file and let you know if we have another job that comes up.