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  1. dfsdfs
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    my name is Christopher, I have had much training in 3D modeling using Autodesk's Maya and Pixologic's ZBrush [which is used for high-detail modeling.]
    I'm in my last year of School [my major is Computer Animation]

    My goal is to find a partner who Is good at creating concepts for 3D sculpting/ modeling [they don't necessesarily need to be high-detail concepts, just good enough for me to understand] , It can be organic or inorganic, fractal, geometric, etc.
    I'm open to all styles.

    I post this in the hopes that, I might find someone who has ideas/ concepts/ sketches, that they would like to see brought to the 3rd Dimension, so that I can continue to practice 3D modeling whilst also maybe sharing whatever profits when can get from selling the printed models themselves.

    I look forward to any and all your replies.




  2. artbylink
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    I am looking for someone in or close to GA.
    I do drawings on graph paper and one of my designs can be found on deviantart by artbylink. the image is called graph design.
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  3. dfsdfs
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    Hi Alice,

    well, I happen to live in Florida, so I suppose we would mostly have to work via Phone, Skype, and email. We could use DropBox to transfer files/pictures if needed as well.

    I took a look at the picture you referred to and I like the design, it's very intricate, and I'm a big fan of stuff like that. It's also very simple in terms of making it in 3D so it's definitely do-able.

    I know I'm not in Ga but if you would still like to work with me, feel free to reply back.


    I can be reached at:

  4. ckat
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    I am in need of a modeler for a prototype.. you would need to sign a non disclosure agreement... the design is pretty straight forward.. would you be open to that? lmk..thx