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  1. Sarxuka
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    I would like someone to help me make a this video game character being made into a figure like those anime PVC figure. This is Samael from the Shin Megami Tensei series and is my absolute favorite character. I would like it to be around 8- 12 inch tall and colored. Please pm me with a quote. Thank you!

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  2. simon_bird7
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    HI there

    my name is Simon I'm from the UK and I often make models for Shapeways people
    here is a pic of a base mesh of a current build for someone:

    Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 15.34.38.png

    I would charge typically between $100 USD and $150 as this work takes time to look really good

    and some portfolio work (also found on clients shops)
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    Sendinng Message ^^
  4. jordanbanks
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    Hello, I would love to help you design this object email me at jd@jdfantasy.com
  5. Ronin_fang
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    still need a 3d artist?