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  1. Keymaker
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    i have pretty complex model but it is constantly refused because of thin wall even i designed them as details. At least i consider them as details.

    i am doing it for silver.
    min wall: 0,8mm
    min details: 0,3 mm

    Can someone explain me how to differentiate them? where is the "line" between wall and detail?

    i found this explanation from Dragoman on forum, but is there official definition or this is true?
    "A good rule of thumb is that if the extruded part is higher than its width, it's a "wall", if it's thicker than its height, it's a "Detail"."

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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Can you share with us the rejection image? this will help in guiding you to why it's a detail and not a wall.
  3. Keymaker
    Keymaker Well-Known Member
    picture uploaded
  4. stop4stuff
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    Your 'details' are walls.

    Look at the image you provided, the parts indicated with the 0.3+ mm are taller than wide.

    I'd love to help you more, but won't as I recognise elements of the model ;)

  5. Keymaker
    Keymaker Well-Known Member
    well that is probably all that i need to read :)