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    im going to try this one last time....

    I understand the wall thickness of a bowl....as i can SEE IT with my physical eyes. But with a sword for JEWELRY/KEYCHAIN purposes, i cannot find a wall that is like that of a bowl's wall thickness.

    Im going to upload an image. And i want folks to help me locate where the thin walls are.

    ive seen swords on here for action figures, legos that somehow made it through....IF it's the blade that needs to be reworked into having extra sides, i can do that. But ive not received a clear answer.

    For example: this blade has 4 faces. Now if there are 8 faces, its clear that i cannot see them. Is THIS the problem?
    *Example --> https://www.shapeways.com/model/1144604/sword-of-storms.html ?li=search-results&materialId=28


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  2. AmLachDesigns
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    The thin walls are probably the edges of your sword - as the blade comes to a (sharp) edge, the thickness becomes too small. This value will vary depending on the printing material. The normal solution is to 'blunt' the edges or change the angle at which they come together.

    The same will be true, but more so, at the point.

    But, in any case, Shapeways will not print any weapon over 10cm long - your sword is over 30cm long. So you may need to rethink...
  3. IceDragon2013
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    30cm?? what? i last checked it was 5 cm ><.

    Well glad you caught it! thanks!

    but i understand better now at what needs to be done.

    so the vertices at the point of the blade cannot converge? so i have to "dull" it a bit eh?