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    Hi guys, having some problems printing a model of mine (STL attached). Apparently there are a few points where it doesn't meet minimum wall thickness requirements (JPG attached, too). The model has a lot of intricate nooks and crannies that I've worked hard to try to preserve, and I don't necessarily want to just remesh the entire thing for fear of losing the details - especially if there really are only a few small problem areas. However, I also tried manually fixing the issue based on the captures sent to me by Shapeways' team after the initial printing failure, and it just ended up running into another obstacle at a different location on the model when I resubmitted. (The attached JPG is the capture I got back after the second failed attempt.)

    I would be totally happy to do a manual edit if I could at least identify for certain any areas that need fixing. But my fear is that if I just try to eyeball it again there's a high probability I get caught in an endless loop of "not quite there yet."

    Does anyone have any recommendations for how to identify any and all potential problem areas on the model, so I can know with 100% certainty whether I'm fixing everything that needs to be fixed? Is there some even easier macro or automatic solution? Or is my best bet really to just try to fix it w/manual edits based on the screen captures? For what it's worth, the software I have on hand is Autodesk's MeshMixer, Netfabb Studio Basic, and MeshLab.

    Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks a million.


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    Thanks, really appreciate the intel.