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    Dear all ,

    i am creating heads with a big hole at the neck to save money.
    So far so good.

    I am spending the most of the time to get the min. wall thickness of 2mm. (sandstone 3d printing)

    Attached please find a screenshot.
    there you will see that it differs sometimes from 6mm to 0.9mm. :blush:

    Do you have any idea to make the min. wall thickness exactly and easier?

    I am working with zbrush and cinema 4d,

    I hope you could help me.



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  3. gcptkilla
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    Thanks for your fast help.

    But I have problems with intersecting walls at the ears, nose and eyes.

    Is there a possibility that I import the head with hole and incorrect wall thickness and then blender moves only the inner wall away from outer wall?

  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    That's pretty much the limit of my Blender knowledge, so hopefully someone else can jump in and help you. There may even be a zbrush or cinema 4d solution, but I don't have any knowledge of using them.
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