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    I recently had an order come through on my Card Carrier where the customer had actually contacted me ahead of time. After they ordered the personalized card carrier through Shapeways, I personalized it and sent it on its marry way.

    Or so I thought...

    The next day I received an email stating that "the order had been canceled" "this could have been due to the customer not paying, etc"

    The customer in question then emailed me asking about what was supposed to happen, I then emailed Shapeways Service and was told that the model had some wall thickness issues. (The customer had been supplied with a coupon)

    Now, this was an honest mistake, but I feel like there should be some sort of communication between me and Shapeways where as soon as they found the problem, they could have emailed me and I could have fixed it - if possible. If I fixed it, then I should be able to re-upload. If not, THEN the order should be cancelled.

    I suppose the simple solution is just to "never make a mistake again" but that can't always happen.

    My biggest concern is that several other of my orders may have actually been canceled for this reason - but I never knew why. I just assumed that they had trouble paying or something weird like that....
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    Perhaps add you concerns to the email review thread?

    I had the same 'cancelled' email too... but the customer had changed their mind and wanted to order in a different material.

    For wall thickness issues, grab yourself a copy of NetFabb Basic and use the measuring tools to check things out before uploading.

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    I had recently a similar problem with a model I order myself and that could not be cleaned, according to the operator. I won't go into the details because that's not the point of this thread, but after dicussions with the custmer service, it appears that this rejection could have been avoided but it was too late!
    The order was already canceled and I already had got a voucher! The only ways to get the model again was to use my voucher and re-order it (and wait 10 extra days).

    It would have been easier to discuss first in order to check if there was a misunderstanding and then to cancel (or not) the order.

    With the current system you just have no chance to fix a mistake or clarify a misunderstanding.

    It's like "Shoot first, ask questions later".

    From my point of view this a major issue. Shapeways is too fast! :)
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    Stop4Stuff: Thank you for the tips, I use NetFabb basic - but i guess I just missed a dimension. This particular model had a lot of text, so that could have been it.

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