Wall thickness issues

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  1. IceDragon2013
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    I have my model working and ready for order, but it would seem i have a problem with the wall thickness.

    Im not sure how to work around on 'repairing' it. This is surely a tricky situation for me as i have tried my best.

    As you can see on the file, it highlights the thin area. To be honest, it seems workable to me.

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  2. mkroeker
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    How wide are the tapered areas ? If they do not extend over more than twice the minimum thickness, it should work. The automatic wall thickness test in not that sophisticated - its message is more like "check if you really intented these regions to be so thin"
  3. stonysmith
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  4. AmLachDesigns
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    I don't think whether it's a weapon or not will really be an issue - trying to print it in ceramic (as the screen shot indicates) will probably throw up enough problems on its own. Square, thin edges, sharp point, no discernible base, for example.
  5. IceDragon2013
    IceDragon2013 New Member
    its about 4.6'

    i dont intend on making weapons. NO!
    this is just a test run to see if ceramic jewelry/keychain is feasible.

    If ceramic doesn't work out, i'll have to try another material.

    4.6 seems like the "right" size actually. I tried to make it 2.5 but it was too small for printing. anything bigger than 5.8 was too big...
  6. IceDragon2013
    IceDragon2013 New Member
    22.548mm widest
    6.404mm thickness of the blade