Wall thickness for large objects in FD

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  1. tebee
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    I've had a customer write to me and tell me that one of my models he ordered in FD printed OK but shattered in transit.


    Now this is quite a large piece 200mm long by 35mm wide. My design thickness was .75mm-.8mm - it had to be printable in WSF as well as FD though in fact I find is a little thinner in a few places :rolleyes: - it's messy as it curves in multiple directions, though this should also make it stronger.

    So what thickness should I make this so it does not break?

    Will attach stl file in separate post .

  2. tebee
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    STL file for above

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  3. pfeifferstylez
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    Avoid those 90° edgings.
    Use small 45° chamfers, or (even better) a small radius.

    And, instead of making the whole thing thicker, "just" add some internal struts.