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    Good afternoon guys,

    I am trying to print this but I have no idea why I get thin walls problems. Some of the highlighted issues are thicker than the other parts which are thinner but have no problem.

    It is getting very frustrated and I had to demolish such a lot of detail to get it to print I am approaching the point where I think this cannot be printed at the resolution and size.

    This is a WIP and I am just randomly thickening parts in a crude way to get it past submission. Is there any program that can just do a thickness check before I submit as I have had 7 submissions and every time there are some parts that are okay and some not.


    This is a miniature that is used in role-playing games. It is +/- 28mm x 28mm big. I am trying to print it is ultra detail frost (as I assume this is the medium with the best detail)

    swaardmini 4.jpg

    STL attached.


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    The model had a lot of random polygons all over the place that were far too thin to print as a 28mm miniature.

    I make a lot of mini's and re-sealed and sculpted your mini as I would normally.
    I had to merge everything into a single solid mesh, thicken and fill in some walls, then sculpt in the prominent details.


    I don't normally do free work, but this was pretty fun, so cheers! :p

    Also, I didn't test to see if it would print, but it should.. Let me know if you have any problems.

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