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  1. LoveAndShapes
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    I remember seeing peoples choice of 3d app for checking the wall thickness before uploading here.
    But now I cannot find those posts.

    What software do you recommend?
    I am using mainly C4D, but that does not have such function build in.
  2. IntelXeon
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    they disabled here on my side
  3. southernnscale
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    Netfabb Basic works well for checking wall size while checking your drawing for printing and Shapeways still has there sit page, 3D tools that also shows thin walls. you can check here for any type of material and see if the wall size is correct for material you would like to use! then correct and reupload!
  4. jeremyzschau
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    Is there a free alternative to Netfabb? It is a subscription now.
  5. lawrencekramer2014
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    The shapeways 3D wall thickness checking seems to have changed today ( 20 / 02 / 2019 ) to provide an automated 'helpful fix' that auto-fixes thin walls. While this may be wonderful for most things, I'm concerned that I have lost the ability to see the old 'heat-map' thickness at any spot. I used this more exact tool to find and correct 'nicks' and thin spots in complex jewelry designs. Please add back-in the measuring tool display so I know exactly how shapeways is seeing the model at any point in the model, 'suspect' does not tell me the exact thickness involved. IMG_7979.JPG
  6. Peter3D
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  7. bordendesign
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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help fix some thin wall issues with a man's ring with letters on top. I'm willing to pay something for the help. If you know someone that can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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  8. Shea_Design
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    Looks like we are going to need a bit of height in the text or more bold, or both. PM me for deets.. SW add link interface goes wonky, I'll try and PM it to you - model check that is. -S


    BTW - Here are the results using ZBrush to polygroup based on thickness. I just used the default settings. Latter used autogroup to remove and replace the low poly text. Digging ZBrush 2020! -S
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  9. lawrencekramer2014
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    Thanks Peter, I do use the blender 3D printing add-on. My issue is always more with how shapeways interprets the .stl file. I always make sure everything is manifold and there are no obvious issues before sending to shapeways. But sometimes shapeways likes to cut in at joins in weird ways and the thickness issues show up in red. I find that helpful, and usually easy to fix by adding small geometries at those points.