VRML97 for Colored Sandstone doesn't work.

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    I'm trying to upload a model in VRML97 format for printing in colored sandstone. Is this format (also VRML 2.0) the only way to carry the color information?
    The object is solid yellow, so there are no special gradient o.s.e. and was created in Solidworks 2010 SP5.0

    The mail from Shapeways says that "The design could not be validated."
    "This means that we had problems recognizing your file. 9 times out of ten there is a super simple fix for this problem. Download Meshlab, a free and open source tool for fixing your designs. Open the file, save as STL and upload once more. This should fix your problem. This issue has to do with different 'dialects' of STL and we are working on a fix. "

    I think I cannot follow this instruction because of the color of the object, right?

    best reagrds,

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    I downloaded your model, opened in Accutrans3D, saved as VRML97 with vertex normals and vertex colours checked - it uploaded just fine, file attached :)


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