Vouchers for only your product?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Anthromod, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Hi, I've been thinking about doing a crowdfunding campaign to fund my next robot hand design. I've run into the biggest hidden costs, which is the international shipping costs.

    I originally thought that I could just send the rewards to the funders by putting their address in as the shipping address. Shapeways informed me though that the shipping address has to be in the same country as the billing address. So the UK is covered for me, but nothing else.

    I then found out about the gift vouchers that shapeways offers. Now with this I can give the funders the amount that they pledged in a gift voucher. I would prefer it very much if the vouchers could only be redeemed at my shop, or on a single product. I know that someone who pledged is unlikely to change their mind at the last minute, but I'd prefer to know how much money I'll eventually have at the end of the campaign and not when the money comes back via shapeways.

    So is there anyway to limit a voucher for only one shop or product?

    Btw I know that I can get savings with WSF if the density is over 10%, however the cost per item saved does not make up for having to ship the items twice. It would also mean a lot of work at my end, that I'd rather pay a little to avoid.