Vortex bowl

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  1. kiorodesign
    kiorodesign Well-Known Member
    I have designed "Vortex" bowl for strong and flexible plastic, as a decorative centerpiece or to be used to contain potpourri. Potpourri is a natural air freshener made from dried flowers, it is used to make rooms smell fresh.

    Vortex bowl.jpg

    Vortex bowl
  2. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Nice design that allows air to move through the petals,etc. Personally, I would have made it smaller - that's going to be quite expensive isn't it (although you don't say what size it is)?

  3. kiorodesign
    kiorodesign Well-Known Member
    Hi lensman, thanks for your message.
    As you can see, at the end of my first message there is the link to product page, where you can find all information including dimensions : cm: 21.134 w x 16.456 d x 10.004 h .
    Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to scale it, just a little, because its heigth is 10 cm and lower it would lose its beautiful appearance (for me, of course).