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  1. __DF__
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    Hello Shapeways,

    A client has ordered a ring from my co-creator shop. Specifically, this one: http://www.shapeways.com/model/142298/ring_3.html?gid=ug

    However, when I am trying to upload the new_sized_ring (scaled, according to my client's request), I am getting this error:

    "We are sorry to report that there is a problem with your personalized template
    Ring 3, ring3_2_1_2_inner.stl.

    It did not pass the check Volume validation. "

    Anyway to fix this? Or change the volume to my co-create template?

  2. aeron203
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    This means you have exceeded the maximum volume listed in the "Manage Template" section of the co-creator item. Hopefully you added some margin to the volume to accommodate larger rings. This is a tough choice because a very large ring can use twice as much material, so people buying a small ring will end up paying for more material they are not using.

    You may need to make significant changes to make your larger ring meet the volume spec, like thinning out the band. To handle this issue in the past I made a variation of the design that was only available in a smaller, but overlapping range of sizes. That design skewed toward a feminine style to acknowledge that, since women have smaller fingers on average, they would likely be purchasing the rings in that size range.

    Until the system supports multiple price-points within a single item, there is no way around this.
  3. __DF__
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    Thank you aeron :)
    I have already done my modifications, but I think I will come up with a different model finally...