VMRL file not showing all textures on Export

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  1. paulelderdesign
    paulelderdesign New Member
    Hi guys I have a tricky one, no doubt I have checked boxes I shouldn't have :confused

    Basically my model should look like this

    but on export it looks like this

    I have a feeling it's texture id's or something in the baking dialogue I shouldn't have clicked
    Any idea what is happening during render to texture that causes this?

    Thanks in advance


    EDIT: There's a whole material missing the outer circle :eek:
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  2. paulelderdesign
    paulelderdesign New Member
    Anyone? It's had a few views :p

  3. wedge
    wedge New Member
    hard to say where the problem is. But it seems to me there are missing Parts. If I could analyse the vrml I can say you if this is a problem from Shapeway or the export.

    Best is visit the vrml in a VRML Browser, i.e. instantreality (www.instantrealty.org) and see if the exportet VRML is correct.

    Wihch modelling software use you?
  4. paulelderdesign
    paulelderdesign New Member
    I'm using 3ds max do you want the file? maybe you could help