Virtuoso needed to work the Easy Creator

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    I've tried a dozen times to extrude a clean, vector B/W flat image into a printable piece of jewelry with the Easy Creator and have had it sent back every time with puzzling "already tried that" instructions - any hotshots want to take a crack at it?

    I'd like to render this image in silver, and it needs...

    1) To be 1&1/2 to 2 inches tall....
    2) To maintain it's current aspect ratio...
    3) To be extruded to the minimum acceptable thickness to print in silver.

    You're welcome to use Easy Creator or anything else you can make make work. This has got to be the easiest thing in the world for someone who's done this before. Any takers?

    Hit me up by PM with a link to work you've completed. I'll send you the image, then pay by paypal immediately after Shapeways confirms the design is printable.