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    I guess I've been wanting to make something unlike anything that's already been made and remade and so on. This is the part I love, putting out something new and with shapeways I can go crazy with detail. As always, shapeways never fails to deliver on quality, time and undamaged. Nothing would have been possible without you guys. I sometimes cant get over the fact that I get to imagine anything I want, design it and with your help, make it into something I can physically touch and use. Also, I wanna give a big thanks to my Australian buddy, his name is Troy for making the video. Check out his youtube channel, he makes some great paracord bracelets.

    Link to this model and video here on my shapeways store:

    Link to view on youtube:

    Link to my Facebook page:

    I was waiting to post a picture of my bead on a bracelet a friend from Australia is making for me, but I'll post that picture as soon as the bracelet arrives. For now, here are some pictures of the finished product. This is in the standard silver, I added the patina and gave it a light polish. That's why there's a $10 difference in the price I'm offering through my eBay store.

    Check out this youtube video. Ill update this as soon as I figure out how to embed the video on this post.

    Click on any picture to view the video






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  2. cedricms
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    It looks cool :)! I love how you modeled the horns.
  3. duann
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    Nice work..
  4. SGDesigns
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    Thanks guys, i had fun designing this one.
  5. lensman
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    Very nice, Sal. Was this printed in Silver (not Glossy Silver) that you then gave a patina and polished parts yourself?

  6. SGDesigns
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    Thanks lensman. Yeah, this is in Silver and not Silver Glossy. This is because I wanted to keep the horns and teeth sharp. They are sharper then I expected, but I dont mind at all, not one bit. I added the patina and gave it a light polish on certain areas. Check your PM.