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  1. yxalitis
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    I would like to get some small bases made for my fleet of sci-fi models.
    These would be 5cm in diameter, and 5mm in height (approx)
    They are to be shaped like the Klingon IKS logo, and the Star Trek badge logo.

    They can either curve gently at the enges, (preferably) or be the same thickness throughout.

    However, if these already exist, please let me know where?
    Or. if there is a simeple applicatpin that can take a 2D image, and spit out a 3D model, then just let me know where that is.

  2. baltimore
    baltimore New Member
    There's a creator on here, under Create|Easy Creators called image popper that might help you out.
  3. WebmistressM
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    Very very very nice! I hadnt thought to update my klingon pins. Shame I didnt think of it myself. :)
  4. baltimore
    baltimore New Member
  5. yxalitis
    yxalitis New Member
    Yes, actually, that is perfect, thanks!!
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