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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Salorian, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Salorian
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    occasionally we use Shapeways. But I have to say, that production and post production processes are VERY unprofessional.
    We ordered 2 different technical parts, plus 2 additonal, almost identical parts with slightly different dimensions, to prove our concept in terms of tolerances etc.
    What we got ?
    1) Well, all parts 2+2 in ONE bag, thus we could not easily find out, which ones are those with the 0,5mm tighter tolerances ....
    2) The barcode label on the bag does NOT show our part number, only internal shapeways ID#s, which does neither help much nor make sense to us, as customers. Thus we had to guess, what parts are what...
    3) We ordered black material, it turned out that this was white material with some dye in it, tons of dust and particles rinsed out of the bag and contaminated our micro-electronics lab. The parts were just not cleaned at shapeways ... sent out directly from the printer.

  2. RalphVdB
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    Hi Salorian,

    so sorry to hear this has happened to your order. This is not how we should ship these models. Would you please be so kind to email service[at]shapeways[dot]com?

    If you explain what you have described here and mention your orderID they will offer you a proper solution ;)

    Hope this helps you a bit!

    Cheers, Ralph
  3. Salorian
    Salorian New Member
    Thank you for this offer. But I am not fishing for refunds or discounts - it was just quite annoying .......