very simple shape to be modeled urgently

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    Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 11.29.50 PM.png very simple shape (imagine a bunch of pencils bunched together at various lengths, and then the bunch sliced into 7 slices) to be modeled with high facets count for maximum smoothness.

    I have a sketchup model which i have already made, but had the facet count at very low. I need the exact same thing done but with higher (much higher) facet count. Slicing in sketchup has proven difficult , especially when dealing with more points.

    please write me privately at for more details.

    Need this fairly urgently.



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    let me know of you still require some help with this model. I work with a team of experienced CAD designers who should be able to do this at afforable rates. Please contact me on