Very disappointed with my latest prints.

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by AM3D, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. AM3D
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    A very bad experience with my latest prints. My order was for 3 prints ordered on Dec 22 and were supposed to arrive on January 2nd, Arrived on Jan 11. Then to top it all I received bad prints! Worst of all was my Quake Cuff link which is badly misshapen bent and just horrible. Slightly less twisted and bent was my Quake Excellent Award ring. And finally my Cocker spaniel pendant damaged on rear of print. I ordered white fine detail and except for my ring was not impressed with the fine detail at all! Delivering damaged goods is not very inspiring. These were a test print for silver, now that would have been a major disappointment if they were to turn out like these! :mad: See attached pics.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Hopefully you have already emailed service? If not, do that, as those prints don't look good.
  3. AM3D
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    @Youknowwho4eva, Thanks, I've just sent them a message. We'll see if I can get this resolved. :confused
  4. stonysmith
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    On the cocker spaniel, where you say there is a chunk missing.. that appears to be missing from the default Shapeways render as well. Is it possible that the area was a separate shell? In particular, if you have a shell with inverted normals, it may display properly in your editor, but MeshMedic is going to remove that shell.

    I'm not saying that it happened in this case, but you should always take a close look at the default Shapeways render.. if it's not right, then you can't assume the print be correct.
  5. AM3D
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    @stonysmith, Yes I've checked the original model and it appears that there is a depression there, so that kinda explains the front and will have to be remodeled. But as for the rear of the pendant it is messed up. And I believe that with the others, shouldn't have left the "factory of the future" in that state. As you can see the cufflink is all bent and misshapen with very visible print lines which I did not expect for fine detail. The ring also has one side of the ring band bent out of shape too when compared to the good side. I just think that whom ever was on quality control that day took the day off! :(
  6. AM3D
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    Thought I'd post an update.... Shapeways has offered to reprint these for me :D So I'll find out on the 25th of Jan if they'll be better printed. Here's hoping for the best. :)
  7. AM3D
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    I've had my prints done for free and they arrived ahead of time. :D Was scheduled for 25th but UPS said would be on 18th, we've had very bad snow around here so delivery was postponed by UPS and arrived on 21st so still good. Took about 10 days I think. I'm very happy with these prints they turned out great, I only hope future orders will meet this same standard. :)

  8. SantaStephen
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    Love the dog print. Can you please advise how you modeled that item? What SW?