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  1. Last Februari I arranged a tour at shapeways in the Netherlands for my class. I heard of it a lot and thougt it was very interesseting. And so it was, they gave us a tour although they normal (at least at that time) don't do that. It was a very good. So ever since I think it's a good company and also heard lots of good things about it.

    So far the intro and back to these days. I work as a trainee at a (very big) company. When we needed some prototypes made, I recommended shapeways and the comany agreed on it after my good word. I uploaden, orderd and payed everything on 28 november (2012). When the payment still wasn't in on 4 december I sent an email. I got a quick! reply that my mail was sent to finances. Never heard anything again. On 6 december my mentor (from the company) called (although there is no phone nummer on the website!!). We needed to send a email with a confirmation that the payment was done. Nothing happend. Another call on 9 december, still nothing. He called again yesterday, 10th, and was told to call again in the afternoon. They than told him that they couldn't reach the office in New York. So still nothing. This moring we got an automatic mail that the payment was in.

    Delivery estimated 20th of december... Way to late for us, we'll have a client in next week. So after all these bad things there is no compasation what so ever. This is not the way to keep your customers or make new ones.

    I think shapeways has still a chance of making this right and keeping this company, my own company and some other people as a customer.
    (I also think they'll know about which order I'm talking here.)

    In the end I'm very a shamed that I recommended a company and they deliver this kind of service...


  2. JoostDenissen1
    JoostDenissen1 Shapeways Employee CS Team
    Hi Ivo,

    Thanks for your forum post.

    I will explain what has happened with your order. 

    Unfortunately there went indeed some things wrong with your order. 
    The order didn't went threw to the accepted status which is off course not good and is very frustrated for you as customer. 
    We tried everything to put the order to accepted but that took unfortunately some time. 

    I already informed Dirk about your order and we are able to print your models here in Eindhoven. This means we are able to ship your order coming Friday. If everything goes as planned you will receive the order on Monday the 17th.

    I hope this helps you out and please accept our apologies for all the inconvenience this order has caused you.

    If you have any further questions then please contact me at: (Joost).

  3. Hello Joost,

    It is indeed rather frustrating, but it's good to hear that the models can be printed faster than normal.
    I think it's the least to do when something like this happens, and it makes up for all the trouble.

    Thank you for your replay.