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  1. yotnomuk
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    I need some help!!

    The attached file was modeled in 3ds max. The volume is 0.283 cc , its dimension is 31.24 mm X 7.36 mm X 7.36 mm. The model is manifold, it has 103752 vertices and 34584 faces.

    What i need to do:

    I need to reduce the number of vertices. I've used both Blender (remove double vertex) and Meshlab (unify duplicated vertices)
    both process reduced the vertex number to 17294 and maintain the face number of 34584. I cannot save this change, I've tried saving as collada and exporting it to stl and the vertex count remained at 103752.

    Can anyone help me do the following:

    1.reduce the number of vertices
    2.duplicate the object until it is just below the Shapeways limit of vertex count or file size of 64 mb, whichever comes first.


    suggest what i can do to solve this problem or why isn't the changes i made in blender or meshlab cant be saved.

    thanks alot.


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  2. Jettuh
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    couldn't find any problems?

    just that your stl file wasnt right!
    the file had this:


    rescaled it to your size you've posted it,, without changing anything else,, uploaded it,, and worked!

    see attachment!
    goodluck :)

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  3. aeron203
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    No need to worry about the vertex count. The STL format saves each triangle separately, so there will be many duplicate vertices that will be joined when printing. It doesn't affect the number of faces, so you could fit 14 copies of your model within the 500,000 polygon limit.
  4. yotnomuk
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    I know i can upload the file as it is, the problem is i need to print a large number of this object so i need the highest number of object in 1 file without exceeding the vertex limit or file size limit.

    if increase the quantity in the shopping cart, i would be charged additional 1.50 for every duplicate.

    Anyone else can help?
  5. yotnomuk
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    OK Thanks.. My brain has been thinking vertex limit when it was polygon all along... Thanks