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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by QRM, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. QRM
    QRM New Member
    I have just started to build some 3D models using Vellum Argon. Are there any Shapeways members out there who also have this software?
    I would like to feel i'm not the only one!!!
  2. duann
    duann New Member
    You might be the only one,

    I had a play with Vellum years ago when there was little else available for free/students.

    I am not sure how/if it has improved since then. How are you finding it?

  3. QRM
    QRM New Member
    I began some 20 years ago with Vellum 3D, which I acquired free when Apple stopped supporting ClarisCad. I have used V3D and its successors (now called Vellum Graphite) since then to design etch layouts for my brass model kits of railway locomotives, coaches and wagons.
    I have recently purchased a copy of Vellum Argon as I need to be able to produce casting patterns for the 3D, non-sheet, parts in these kits - conventional pattern makers now charge stupid prices. With my experience using Graphite the choice for Argon from the same source was obvious.
    What makes these products stand out for me is the Design Assistant in Graphite and its brother the Drafting Assistant in Argon. Vellum keep pressing that there is nothing else that matches the capabilities of these built-in aids. I don't know how true that is, as I've not looked at many other packages, but it seemed that anything from the AutoCad stable was so non-user friendly, (and non-Mac) and other 'cheap' 3D offerings were lacking a decent UI and all-round sophistication.
    Anyone reading this should check out Vellum's products.
    At the moment the approach I am taking is to do what 3D wireframe design I can in Graphite, and import that into Argon for the solid work. I imagine I will eventually build my 3D models directly in Argon.
    So I'm a starter with the software, but can say my first two Argon models were put together in a few hours just following the manual to find out 'can it do that?' So far it's done everything I need.
    Pricing is reasonable and support (on Graphite - not needed help so far on Argon) has been very good.
    So there we are. Am I blazing a lone trail? Anyone else using Vellum Argon, and had good/bad experience?
    I await a flood of responses...............................
  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
  5. QRM
    QRM New Member
    Thanks for the hint.
    I have just added some details to Bart's list.
  6. awieneke
    awieneke New Member
    try ViaCad:

    you can start with a demo and go to viacad >viacad pro and if you need you upgrade to shark.
    perfect support and a friendly community
    And it does all the things i need.
    a lot of import and export formats.
  7. JagMod
    JagMod New Member
    Vellem Argon and ViaCad are the same application, just re-branded.
  8. awieneke
    awieneke New Member
    Long time with different prices.
  9. EWK25
    EWK25 New Member
    i use vellum since 2001.
    we work with it at the university.
    i used it also for 3d prints.
    i like the simplicity of the user interface