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  1. BramdeVries
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    Hi all,

    My name is Bram de Vries. I'm a freelance engineer with long experience in 3D printing. For modelling I am specialized in technical applications. Besides...

    I can solve any problem you encounter with getting your file printed. I use Magics 14.01. Good and quick result is guaranteed.

    Mail me at info(at) for questions. I think I'm the cheapest file fixer out there.....

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Going down the list moving modelers for hire to the new "Modelers for Hire" Section
  3. slempert
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    I need to hire modelers who can work for me and complete a project that I need done by March, do you have that kind of availability? It will be a lot of work in Feb, and I need someone to start right away, starting this week 1/23 and work strait through Feb. I can pay, please send me any past work and your hourly fee.

    If you have that kind of availability, please contact me with your information and I will send you the files and instructions to make sure you can do the work.

    Also the work incorporates 3D text, so I am especially interested in anyone who has worked with 3D text that needs to be printed in Shapeways.

    Thank you,