Various questions about the WS&F Material.

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    Hello all shapewayers,
    I just got my first model, which I made myself:

    And now it seems I made the pen-holes 2-3 mm too small. So I thought I could file it, but I don't know. Any advice from anyone who's tried already?

    I'm afraid that it will break if I file it so there's only about 1 mm left on each side of the hole, which it would be if I filed it.

    Oh and I thought about putting a litle lamp inside the head of the model, with some wiring and a light switch, any thoughts about the heat effects regarding that too?

    EDIT: Lastly, I wonder if anyone know where I could buy any kind of spray wich would allow me to make my model a bit more sturdy regarding discoloration and such.

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  2. Glinkis
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    Not a single reply? :confused
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    I had a model a couple weeks ago, that had a screw hole, that I intentionally made too small so I could just screw it in. Had no problems with the torque on the item. And it was only .04" thick. So it stood up very well to the abuse. I'd check the material restrictions Under support/Materials at the top of this page, but I'm pretty sure WSF and heat shouldn't be combined. Perhaps an LED light? and Lastly, look at other post production techniques, but the one that I can remember works well is clear finger nail polish. I have never used it myself, but I read on one that it works well at protecting WSF models.
  4. gibell
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    WSF is difficult to "file down", in my experience. The stuff is wicked strong and somewhat slippery. If you insert a dowel (or pen) into a hole that is too small, this is one way I have seen it crack. If you try to file something down to 1mm, I would guess it would have a good chance of breaking. It puts a lot of stress on it. I have enlarged holes using an electric drill, you might try this.

    I've thrown WSF in boiling water will no ill effects. But eventually it will melt, it is just nylon.
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  5. Glinkis
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    Okay, thanks guys.