Various parts for Nautilus submarine dollhouse

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    Client requested just one part to be made for a dollhouse he was making based on Jules Verne's Nautilus submarine from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" - a classic that I well remember reading and watching as a movie. I quickly became engrossed in the project myself and ended up making the circular viewing windows, diving exit port, and helmets for the characters. Client did all the painting.
    Fascinating project, that I'm sure you'll agree turned out quite amazing.

    If anyone is curious about any aspect of this, the client has agreed to field questions... I'll point him this way and he can answer them himself.

    - Glenn

    Nautilus - Bay window installed and painted 1.JPG
    Nautilus - Bay window installed and painted.JPG
    Nautilus - Diving ring painted and installed.JPG
    Nautilus - Fitting Helm 1.JPG
    Nautilus - Completed Nautilus port side.JPG
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    Just... Wow!

    (Not convinced, though, by the stove in the lower deck ;) )
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    No turtle shell guitar? Wonderful work!
  4. lensman
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    Oh, come on, Nemo was well ahead of his time! :)
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    Builder of the Nautilus here. Yes, the kitchen was something of a problem in terms of furnishing lol - there was either the choice of c. late 1800s, which was clearly not going to work as it was too old fashioned (the one in the film is rather modern, but not fully), or there was the choice of more modern. I chose the 1950s look partly tongue-in-cheek as a nod to the 1954 release date of the film, partially because the color was innocuous, and partly because this is not the final decoration for the kitchen. In fact, I will now spend the next two years or so adding additional levels of detail (furniture, equipment objects d'art etc.). I think that the next thing for the kitchen will be a wooden hutch table (or small aluminum if I can find one), cast iron pots and pans, and lobsters. Then I'll see how that looks and go from there.

    Glad you like it!

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    That may come, but it will be part of future decoration. I have a number of dollhouse artists that I have befriended in the process, so I may just be able to get one slightly down the road ;)
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    Wow this is amazing! Congratulations!

    Glenn I emailed you a few more questions as we'd love to feature it on the blog!

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    @Natalia, I didn't get your emails... also the actual builder of the Nautilus has posted in this thread if you'd like to contact him - @Tauschitz

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    Oops I misspelled your email address - sending it again! ;)
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