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    So I checked back in my emails, and although I did receive a jewelry newsletter last week (Jan 24), there was nothing in it about a Valentine's Day collection. Is there a different jewelry "shopper" newsletter that goes out to customers and not to designers? Because I'm really confused here...
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    And not to be a nag here, but this Valentine's Day collection seems to be somewhat buried. If you click on marketplace>jewelry, you will be taken to a page with collections, but not the VD collection. The only way to get there is by using the link in your post, and then deleting the valentines-day-2 part of the URL...and then magically you arrive at a place with all sorts of collections, most of which I have literally never seen before because there is no obvious way to get there from the SW home page. Am I missing something? I tried it while logged in and while logged out...I could not find the hidden collections without manually typing in /collections/ after marketplace/jewelry. :confused:
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    Hey @Ontogenie, right now you receive the maker jewelry newsletter. The collection was sent out in our jewelry shopper newsletter.

    My intention of starting this thread and creating the collection was to share all of these designs with shoppers in their newsletter. I am hoping to provide collections, opportunities and spaces for designers to sell their work with the promotion that we already do. At this time we are not including the valentine's day to the jewelry homepage for this round.

    I hope this provides some clarity in the goal and location of the collection.

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    Thanks for the explanation, Virginia. I had no idea there was a newsletter just for jewelry shoppers, but that certainly explains why I didn't see it. I'm still a little muddy on why there are hidden collections only accessible (easily anyway) via a link in a jewelry shopper mail, and why there were zero announcements on social media, but hey, I'm no marketing guru, it's late here and I'm not going to try to figure it out.
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    "share all of these designs with shoppers". I can't see any benefits of sales of doing this.
  6. Checkout this Valentines Day heart bracelet design

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  7. I wanted to share a couple more designs I uploaded today for Valentines Day..

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    Ok my Wife likes more the Horror and Extrem Stuff but it works on
    Valentine's Day :)

    New Pendant_1_low.jpg

    New Pendant_low.jpg
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    I got my raw silver QR code heart back and prepped just in time for today. ;)

    I didn't make the heart too ornate since I wasn't sure how easy it would be to apply paint and clean off any excess. Well it turns out to be easy to do so I'm going to file this knowledge in my data banks. I brushed on some Testors gloss black model paint and wiped it of with a dry paper towel. Then after a few minutes some quick swipes using paper towel dipped in paint thinner/cleaner fluid. I could probably add a few more coats of paint but I can't risk messing things up right now!

    It's a big honking chunk of silver due to the QR code needing to be a certain size to meet design rules.

    And the QR code works. Did you know more recent iPhones have a QR code reader built into the camera? You don't need to download an extra app to read the code. Just focus on the QR code and move it around a bit and a message will pop up showing the code. Oh Apple, "LOVE YOU"!!!! This was a neat experiment and should buy me some serious brownie points today.

    QR heart full.jpg

    QR heart detail.jpg

    Just for comparison here's a QR code "Memory Medallion" screen grab from a recent X FIles episode. This code holds a web link but I couldn't read it from the TV or photos. You can find the link online if you are interested. It's possible the medallion was made using 3D printing since it looks like the designer had the same issues with design rules as I did. The edge details of the medallion seem to have been formed using an angled jeweler's saw to make the narrow cuts. The acute angles around the edge seem to be design rule busters for 3D printing. It's possible the medallion was chemical or laser etched by a medallion company that produces them for other commercial purposes. The features do appear to be crisper with straighter edges than the heart design.

    xfiles qr code.jpg
  10. can any brave person share their valentine day selling statistics.
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    I am here to share my selling. ZERO.