Uv Map Is Totally Wrong When Uploaded

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  1. Hello Everybody,

    I'm trying to order my first 3D model in full color sandstone. I have made my model in blender and everything looks good in the application. When I upload to shapeways though, the uv map gets totally mixed up. It seems like the shapeways render is totally ignoring my uv map and just does whatever with the texture.

    I have no clue how to fix this / what is causing the problem...

    Weird detail: the failing uv map is of a photo that is applied to the model, when I paint a model directly in blender and upload this, there is no problem with the texture...

    Anyone experienced this before?

    Thanks in advance!

    Schermafbeelding 2018-01-12 om 18.42.51.png Schermafbeelding 2018-01-12 om 18.43.08.png
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    It would be best to send this question to service@shapeways.com and ask the 3d checker folks to review the model on their side. Some of my models have renders that are all messed up, but then they print without problems. It's good to be careful though.

    It's no problem to post such questions here, but it helps to email it in, because then it gets tracked in their ticket system, and they will see it (and hopefully respond) faster.
  3. Hello Tony,

    Thanks for the tip. I just mailed to service@shapeways.com When I get a respons I'll post it here.

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    Try previewing your textured model with an application like view3dscene in case something went wrong when you exported it. And/or check the underlying geometry for errors as small holes or overlaps in the mesh may cause shapeways' site software to add or remove vertives, distorting the mapping
  5. Just tried the view3Dscene program and there is no problem with my model there. I guess it really has something to do with how shapeways renders my model in the online model checker...
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    If you send me the model I'll take a look at it in Zbrush if you'd like. I think it's probably Shapeways' Mesh Medic software that is the culprit, as mentioned. In Zbrush, I can retopologize it and reapply the texture map if needed, it's just a few mouse clicks in Zbrush.
  7. Hello,

    Sorry that I didn't reply anymore, I just had to make a quick decision to make the design without uv map because otherwise I wouldn't have made my deadline. Just ordered 50 pieces of an alternative model in Strong&flexible polished.

    Still I would like to solve this problem for the future. My zip file for full color sandstone is in attachment. If you could take a look at it that would be great!

    You should know that this was my very first blender project, so maybe I made some terrible mistakes (but then again in blender my file looked nice, in shapeways not).


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  8. UniverseBecoming
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    I found that the hand shell had inverted normals. Perhaps when Mesh Medic inverted the normals the correct way it messed up the vertex order of the UVs. In the WRL version that I made, I did nothing to the hand but invert the normals.

    The brain was more problematic. The UVs were about 99% correct except for maybe 500 vertices that were in error causing those areas to look speckled. What I did in Zbrush was, I subdivided it into several million triangles, transferred the image maps to per-vertex color, made a copy and retopologized it, subdivided it to several million quads, transferred the per-vertex color, made new UVs, copied the per-vertex color to a texture map, imported the texture map into Photoshop, created masks, removed the speckles with the Dust & Scratches filter to remove the speckles, imported the texture map back into Zbrush, applied the corrected map, decimated, exported as a WRL. See ZIP attached.

    That was all just button clicks except for the Photoshop masks; I needed to mask off your cerebellum artwork.

    As for units, I made it 116.08 mm tall. If you needed some other size let me know and I'll make it.

    I wish I could tell you what went wrong in Blender. I don't know Blender anymore. I once used it for about a month for a special kind of 3D simulation that it could do, but that was years ago and nowadays I have no idea how to use it. Perhaps someone proficient in Blender can tell you what went wrong.

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  9. Hello James,

    I just uploaded your file on shapeways and it looks perfect (except for a small design flaw on my part :) ).
    Thank you so much. I did not expect to be met with such hospitality and helpfulness on this forum. It's wonderful.

    I just revised my file in blender and the speckled brain is a uv map error on my part in blender. I can see it in blender as well. As far as the hand is concerned, it was a 'normals' problem I guess. So all in all probably small errors...

    I will definitely try to make more models in blender for 3D printing, and I just learned a lot again.

    Warm greetings!

    PS: I just saw that you are an artist as well. I'm new to 3D modeling but I've been a professional performance and sculptural artist for more than 5 years now. I work together with a friend of mine in an artist collective called Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert. We are based in Ghent, Belgium. You can check out our work here: www.frankenrobbert.com
  10. UniverseBecoming
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    Happy to contribute. :)

    You guys have some highly thought-provoking art! Great work! :D