Uss Wasp (cv-7) 1/350 Scale Kit

Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by CapHerlock, May 14, 2020.

  1. CapHerlock
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    I can finally call this finished. The USS Wasp (CV-7), 1/350 scale model kit.
    This is so far the largest and most complex I've made, and still it is pretty small when looking at the carrier's actual dimensions (209.7mt - 688ft on 14,700tons standard - 19,116tons full load).
    Probably the most difficult part is the lack of simmetry in the entire ship - not only the offset island and flight deck, but the hull sides themselves are different. The port (left) side bulges outwards far more than the starboard side to compensate for the weight of the island.
    Wasp.png Wasp1.png Wasp2.png Wasp3.png Wasp4.png Wasp5.png
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  2. Echoco
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    Very nice, where didyou get the plans for this? Wasp is one of my favorite carrier.
  3. CapHerlock
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    Thank you.
    There are a number of sellers online that provide decent plans for the USS Wasp, although they're not particularly cheap. For this one I used the 'Profile Morskie' edition of the Wasp I got a long time ago as a base and then compared it with Norman Friedman's 'US Carriers - An Illustrated Design History' for details about her Sept. 1942 configuration (there are currently no plans that I know of depicting the ship in that unique configuration).

    Generally research doesn't take up much time for me when making one of these models, this was definitely the longest and most difficult part for the Wasp.