Using your smartphone as a "Wacom" tablet

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by mvezza, May 29, 2015.

  1. mvezza
    mvezza Member
    I have a Note 4 smartphone with a stylus - and I discovered that, yes, there are apps out there that can let you use your phone as a "wacom" style tablet. It's not as perfect as traditional pressure sensitive tablet might be, but I found could sculpt in my 3D modeling app just fine.

    Anyone else use this approach or method?

    I'm currently using Virtual Tablet although there are other options out there.
  2. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Well-Known Member
    Very Interesting, what software are you using to sculpt?
  3. mvezza
    mvezza Member
    I'm sculpting in Blender 3d using Samsung Note 4. I use Virtual Tablet as the medium between the two
  4. Andrewsimonthomas
    Andrewsimonthomas Well-Known Member
    Oh cool, I've never tried blender with a stylus. I usually use zbrush with a wacom intuos 4. Zbrush is only really useful with a really highly sensitive pen
  5. ganjiang01
    ganjiang01 Member
    I have a XP-Pen Deco Pro Drawing tablet and use it daily for Blender work. Drawing tablet is MOST useful for sculpting, texture painting, and grease pencil. The XP-Pen Deco Pro graphics tablet supports connection with Android tablets and mobile phones.

    Also if you ever have to do any texture work beyond Beldner texture painting, for example if you have to work in Sketchbook software , then the tablet again comes in very handy.
  6. JackHaiden
    JackHaiden Member
    It's great, but I have little idea how convenient it will be. But if it suits you - use.