Using The Print Texture Of White Strong And Flexible Materials For 1/24 Pet Miniatures

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  1. Previously I have shared how to obtain a gloss/smooth surface for WSF materials. Related posts are here:

    This time, I tried to take advantage of the natural texture of WSF to realize the fur/hair texture on pets. Skipping the CA binding and primer filling steps, I went directly to masking and air-brushing on the piece.

    The steps are: 0) mask the eyes; 1) airbrush light grey overall; 2) mask the portion that will remain light grey; 3) airbrush dark grey then unmask; 4) paint dark areas like the shadows in the paws; 5) finish with eyes and neck belt.

    In addition, I printed a 1/24 umbrella. I used the same technique for smooth surfaces as in the prior posts.

    Thanks for viewing!

    Here are the models I printed for this paint project:

    DIX_2280.JPG DIX_2282.JPG DIX_2286.JPG DIX_2279.JPG DIX_2275.JPG DIX_2270.JPG DIX_2278.JPG DIX_2271.JPG