Using Lightwave, how do I keep my subpatch after uploading to Shape way

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  1. N0Sf3RATU
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    I uploaded an object modeled in LW. Its smoothed and subpatched. When it was uploaded on Shapeway, it lost its subpatch and smoothing. How do I keep this after uploading? Thanks in advance!! (if you'd like to see it, its the only one on my profile)

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  2. Fredd
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    Most programs have two types of shading at least, flat and smooth shading. Smooth(or Gourard shading) gives the illusion of smooth. But does not modify the actual meshes resolution. Flat shading is how your model will be actuallylook, faceted. Only way to make it appear smother when printed is to bump up the meshes resolution, which will increase file size unfortunately.
    That is why SW ignored the smooth shading you applied, prolly the patch too.
  3. N0Sf3RATU
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    Thank you for the response. Ill subdivide this model a few times and see what happens =-)

    Merry Christmas, and thanks again!
  4. Fredd
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    Increasing the mesh resolution does not mean regular subdivision will actually help in some cases to make a mesh smoother. Regular subdivision just divides each face into 4 other coplanar faces. Sometimes just tinkering with a primitives geometry can cause a smoother mesh.

    I made these rings to demonstrate. Ring A was created using a circle with 24 vertices. Model B used 64. Notice B looks less chunky. The faces are closer together.

    I used a technique called Catmull/Clark subdivision(plus a tweak with creases) for model C. It is really much smoother, but a much higher mesh resolution. The C/C subdivision has a rounding effect, unlike regular subdivision which in most cases is what you need.


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