Using Inventor and Help for a Newbie !

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    Hiya Guys
    I am a UK based self taught Autodesk Inventor user and have made many 3D models of part for Radio control Helicopter and as such i am not familiar with all the "tech-speak", my questions are ...

    Can I submit parts to build in Inventor format and if so - what is the minimum tolerance for moving parts in an assembly. (.iam) :eek:
    Can I submit single parts only ? - Not requiring any assembly
    what materials (plastic type) can I specify for my parts
    If I have a complicated assembly that will require building - who designs the assembly method, me or you guys - this is not a dumb question because you may have preferred assembly methods

    I really look forward to hearing back from you and working with you Guys in the future

    :laughing: :laughing:
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    1) You can submit files in any one of these formats: STL, VRML2/97 (.wrl), COLLADA (.dae), X3D and OBJ Check this page for a list of known applications that can create such files.

    2) Of course you can submit single parts. The only downside to this is that it is rather tricky for a customer to purchase groups of items. The tool for you to build a "group" of items for sale is still a bit wonky. Be aware.. for some of the materials, there are minimum volume requirements, but I doubt you'll run into that.

    3) Check the Materials page. WSF is another name for Nylon PA22 and it's quite strong, but not as strong as "solid" PA22. FineDetailPlastic is not quite as strong.. parts would have to be thicker. FrostedDetailPlastic is very brittle when thin, but suprisingly strong when thick (above 1.5mm thick)

    4) Assembly instructions are your own responsibility