Using A Tap To Make Threaded Holes?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by UMassDavidK, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. UMassDavidK
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    If I order a product in the Accura Xtreme material, would it be feasible to use a tap on it to make threaded holes? Or is the material poorly suited for that? If a tap is not feasible, what are some good strategies for attaching screws to 3D-printed objects?
  2. a_g123
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    for plastic one of those ways is heat set inserts
    so you could basically design the holes for the inserts (a little tighter than the insert diameter for an interference fit) and when the printed part is received, you could use a soldering iron to place the insert.
    this way is low costs, high strength and durable as normally brass inserts are used which are much tougher than do plastics
  3. Galegorf
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    I have also has a lot of success by tapping the plastic and then installing a helical threaded insert, so that you will not continually be threading and threading directly into the plastic.